Strength of a University is judged by its alumni: President

The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee while attending the 1st Convocation of Indian Maritime University said that the strength of a University is judged by its alumni.

He said, “I would urge the University to study the international and national best practices in port and shipping management, logistics and transportation, marine environmental management, maritime risk and system safety, maritime administration (covering law, policy and security) and train academics as well as professionals in these areas. And last but not the least, I would like to see more women seafarers.”

He said that the Indian Maritime University is the youngest of the Central Universities in India. I am aware that it has faced several teething problems.

The President said, “There has been a high rate of turnover of faculty and administrative staff over the last five years. Many of the Faculty positions are yet to be filled up. I am, however, confident that the University has a bright future ahead. It is my fond hope that the IMU should aspire to become a Centre of Excellence in the medium term.”

He said that he foresees a time when the Indian Maritime University will be contributing meaningfully to nation building in general and to the maritime sector in particular.

“The strength of a University is judged by its alumni. Thousands of mariners have passed out from the seven legacy institutions which were subsumed in the Indian Maritime University, and these alumni must all feel that they belong to this University and work toward strengthening it by creating endowments. I would urge each one of you graduating today not to forget your debt to your university, society and country and strive to work for the advancement of all three,” he said.


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