Students demand disaffiliation of 250 banned colleges

Students of various colleges stormed the Nagpur
University premises and demanded disaffiliation of 250 banned colleges.

They questioned the reason behind allowing the 250 banned
colleges that are operating without teachers and infrastructure. They sought
immediate disaffiliation of these banned colleges and demanded removal of
political leaders from NU’s statutory bodies, especially those whose colleges
figure in the blacklist.

Indirectly referring to the Congress nominee for
graduates constituency polls Baban Taywade, students association said that the
NU is acting according to his diktats and is punishing innocent students for no
fault of their own.

Lauding NU’s efforts to ban such colleges, they
deplored the pathetic scenario wherein unscrupulous politicians blackmailed the
VC and pro-VC into taking illegal decisions that in turn affected the students.
They claimed that colleges owned by these members are exploiting students and
profiteering at their expense, reported Times of India.

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