There is tension going on between access and quality in education: Sibal

“There is tension going on in the education sector in this country, the tension is in between the access and quality. As a nation we have realised that knowledge and accreditation of knowledge is the ultimate means of empowerment. There is huge tsunami of people wanting to have access to education. As we globalise and want to compete with the rest of the world then we have to look at the quality of our education. Thus there is a tension between access and quality because if you give access completely and you don’t have the requisite infrastructure, faculty, technology, choice, syllabi, mobility of student quality cannot be achieved,” said Kapil Sibal Union Minister for HRD speaking at a seminar on National Accreditation Policy by All India Management Association (AIMA) with National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

Sibal further said, “We are a nation running against time and the time is running out and if we need to compete with the rest of the world, we want the world to recognise our institutions, we want to become part of the Washington accord and in such a situation we don’t have time to give access and quality simultaneously. There are very few institutions which are of high quality and there are many which sub standard institutions.”

“It time for us to look within and stop copying the west and ask ourselves that what are the management solutions that we want to solve our problems and remember the future case studies in the world will come from India, India will be the country where the world will invest for solutions. That’s where we are moving towards but unless we prepare ourselves for that it will be difficult to achieve that goal,” the minister added.  

“Since, India is also growing at a significant rate we need the young talent pool of our country to come up with solutions to the problems faced by the public at large and rather getting attracted towards foreign lands for better opportunities” he further added.
National Board of Accreditation has undertaken an exercise to revise its accreditation process to bring it in line with that being followed by other International accrediting agencies.

Prof. B. C. Majumdar, Chairman, National Board of Accreditation asserted that NBA has acquired membership of Network of Accreditation Bodies for engineering education in Asia. Currently accreditation works on a voluntary framework in India and more institutes should opt for getting accredited so that, students are assured of the quality of education they avail.

Gautam Thapar, President, AIMA during his inaugural address said, “Through this seminar NBA has shared the draft of the revised policy framework on accreditation in a form of a report with the Corporate, Industry and senior experienced academicians in the discipline of Management. We request their feedback so that NBA can further adopt the same while making a final draft of the guidelines. This initiative will significantly impact the quality of education in India for the years to come.”

Speaking about the report Dr. Vinayshil Gautam, Chairman, Management Accreditation Evaluation Committee, NBA said, “With this report we have attempted to reach the mass audience and meet the expectations of the stakeholders at large. We have to be patient to see the results coming out of the implementation of this report in the near future. We have also tried to set benchmarks in lines with leading global accrediting agencies in management education such as Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK and Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).”
by Abhay Anand

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