UGC, AICTE plans no inspection for higher education institutions in 12th Plan

The approach of higher education regulators in dealing with education institutions will be revamped in the 12th Education Plan. All India Council for Technical Education and University Grants Commission has decided to adopt the self-disclosure and accreditation policy instead of inspection while granting approvals to new courses or up-grading the facilities in a higher education institution.

“Inspection and approval regimes promote corruption and sloth. We need to move away this paradigm to authentication and automatic approvals,” said a working group report prepared by the HRD ministry for the 12th five year plan.

Speaking of the ‘self-disclosure’ strategy that AICTE aims to adopt, council’s Chairman SS Mantha said, “We have provided the self-disclosure statements of over 10,000 institutions on our portal from next year for people to find out what the institutions are claiming is correct or not.” 

Mantha added that there should be a trust element between the council and the institutions for what they say. “Inspection will be conducted only on basis of a complaint,” he said.

Meanwhile, the University Grants Commission is also planning to approve funds on the basis on accreditation of the institution. The commission administers over 75 schemes of funding to Central and State Universities.

“Central funds cannot be right of an institution. The institutions should compete for the Central government funds,” a senior government official said.

“The process of approval and sanction is not only time consuming, it also suffers from opaqueness and prolixity. Several schemes are delayed and never achieve intended results,” the ministry document for the 12th plan had said, while urging for changing in fund disbursal system.

According to new policies, the Central Universities will now get up to 100% of their entitlement and the state universities not more than 75%. There will be financial incentive for institutions to set up campuses in educationally backward regions.

[Source: Hindustan Times]

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18 thoughts on “UGC, AICTE plans no inspection for higher education institutions in 12th Plan”

  1. The move of, SELF DISCLOSURE, taken by the AICTE is a right one but may not suit our society where only a few people with self concience do exist.
    It is very easy in INDIA where to violate the stipulated norms and to seek excuse at later stage and also to get a statusqo from a the court of Law because ultimately the students’ future is at stake. Hence It is better to implement this at an appropriate time but not now.

  2. Either through self disclosure / through control by UGC / AICTE, the education has taken the route of money spinning in the past decade. So people having tonnes of money will anyway attract the students by glittering advertisement and image make-over. Institution should be rated based on the outcome of the students in terms of job secured, Invention and Innovations. Hope the system is put back in the right path keeping the students and country’s well being soon.

  3. The AICTE and UGC has taken good dicision of not to conduct the inspection, because inspection increasing the corruption, every person conducting inspetcion can not be the loyal person. and anybody can not take the gurantee of that person even AICTE. also Experts conducting inspection can be influenced politically. so overall good and appriable decision………..

  4. Good idea, survival the fittest the best institute will flourish and waste will perish , the management invest on infrastructure instead of diverting the money on approval process.