UGC announces NET exemption cut-off date for MPhil holders

University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to exempt all candidates who obtained an MPhil degree on or before July 10, 2009 from clearing the National Eligibility Test (NET) to qualify for a lecturer’s job.

The decision, taken at the UGC’s 472nd meeting recently, comes as a huge relief for MPhil degree holders. The UGC had last year said that for the post of assistant professor it is mandatory to qualify NET. This regulation had invited strong protests from a cross-section of the academic community and also led to multiple litigations in various high courts, including the Madras high court.

At its meeting, the UGC noted that the UGC Regulations of 2009/2010 “are prospective and not retrospective in nature,” and therefore resolved that “all candidates having MPhil degree on or before July 10, 2009 shall remain exempted from the requirement of NET for the purpose of appointment as lecturer/assistant professor.”

A copy of the minutes of the meeting furnished to a Delhi-based applicant under the Right to Information Act revealed that similar exemption shall be applicable to all candidates who have obtained a PhD degree on or before December 31, 2009. Candidates, who had registered themselves for PhD degree on or before July 10, 2009 and are subsequently awarded PhD degree, shall also enjoy the exemption from NET. The new exemption might just fill various vacancies in universities across the country that is facing serious faculty crunch.

[Source: Times of India]

Exclusive Feature on UGC-NET Exemption by our correspondent – “Impact of UGC Regulation exempting NET for MPhil. holders”

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717 thoughts on “UGC announces NET exemption cut-off date for MPhil holders”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I’m a new faculty member at NIT Raipur .I want to attend the program on teaching skills of faculty. Can I attend?
    Dr Anoop kumar Tiwari

  2. People who call themselves TEACHERS and are in service should be ashamed of demanding exemption from SET/NET. THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAN SOME BASIC THINGS WHICH ARE TESTED FOR IN THESE EXAMINATIONS AND OUR SO CALLED TEACHERS CAN NOT CLEAR THE EXAMS. Do they have the right to be in the teacher’s seat? What the hell we are going to achieve if quality people remain aside from education? With such foolish decisions, our country is never going to attain real heights in education and research.
    How can UGC compare a degree like M.Phil or even Ph.D. with the NET exam which is a Nationwide exam? In Ph.D. or M. Phil. the people are working with a specific goal and highly specialized fields whereas in NET/SET exams, the overall AWARENESS of the subject is tested and PEOPLE CALLING THEMSELVES TEACHERS CAN NOT QUALIFY THE TESTS!!!!!

    SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I think ugc and hrd are playing with the students who have completed their mphil and served 7 to 13 years in ug colleges. What about their future? What decision has taken the hrd regarding mphil cutoff date please any one can inform?

  5. It is good decision by UGC. If peon, clerk selection is done by examination then why there is not for lecturers. Transparency in selection should also be made and deserving candidates should be selected as on most of the places source, money etc prevails over the qualifications.

  6. It does not look like good or bad decision. This judgement gives little hope to Non-NET qualified candidates but the same time you can see the splitting decision of UGC and MHRD. There is serious problem with decision making body because I hope they have their own candidates and they are working some of the colleges/Universities and they want to promote them…

    UGC is not looking like healthy academic body.

  7. It is a foolish decision of UGC to implement the regulation of 2009 which is binding to the people who have already Completed Ph.D. before july 2009. Such a decision is a foolish and unlawful. What is the fault of a students who have completed the degree according to the norms of a university. If it is so, who should be punished for spoiling the four to five years of a student? Who is responsible for that? UGC? University or MHRD???????

    It needs to be clarified by the UGC/MHRD that is it applicable for the students who have already completed or awarded Ph.D. Degree before july 2009.

    UGC should not dance always? UGC?MHRD should make it mandatory for all the states to conduct SET/SLET examination. If NET/SET is compulsory then MHRD should make it mandatory for the people who are appointed as Assistant Professor through state PSC.

  8. UGC will always stress on ‘NET pass’ as mandatory as this is a good source of income twice a year.If an application causes 500 rupees and nearly 1.5 lakhs candidates appear for this exam, that makes up a total of 75000000 rupees and that too twice a year ie.,150000000 RS.Now do you think UGC will compromise ?

    And I would please suggest the authorities to pass the rule that ”existing lecturers” working in colleges right now,too be asked to clear NET in a given time span, failing which they be expelled from their professorship.

    Is it only mandatory for freshers to be intellectual and those inside be otherwise? i know of many of them who joined various colleges with only Mphil a couple of years back when the rule was relaxed. And those lecturers who are working now…do you think they will clear NET given a rule ? NEVER.

    and what about those ENGINEERS working in engineering colleges with only an ME or MTech Degree …sad to say there are even BE holders teaching ? Why does’nt AICTE Expel all those people without PhD even?

    And the TamilNadu Govt has no rights to talk about SET exams, as this has not been conducted for the past 2 years now…especially for lifesciences.

    If the government has no belief in MPhil and PhDs it is better they stop all these courses and stop irritating the society. I suppose there is no point in people going for higher studies or research when a postgraduation with NET IS ENOUGH TO TEACH even MPHIL STUDENTS IN A COLLEGE ?

    IMAGINE A FRESH ” MSC graduate WITH NET ” teaching MPHIL students in a college ? THIS IS THE GREATEST HEIGHT OF STUPIDITY !!!

    Anyway, this rule cannot be accepted as righteous or as keeping the standards but rather as a biased judgement from the side of hippocratic authorities whose traditional ideas dont permit to compromise with the needs of todays society.

  9. It is difficult to understand why people with an M.Phil degree cannot clear an exam like Net. Does this speak about the quality of M. Phil degree that we are awarding?

  10. In a significant ruling that could affect lecturer aspirants across the country, the Madras high court on Monday held that a pass in the National Eligibility Test (NET) or the State-Level Eligibility Test ( SLET) will continue to be the mandatory qualification to apply for assistant professor posts in colleges.

    The first bench comprising Chief Justice M Yusuf Eqbal and Justice TS Sivagnanam, dismissing a batch of writ petitions and appeals filed by candidates with only MPhil qualification who have been seeking either exemption or sufficient time to clear NET/SLET, said: “The regulation and the decision of the central government (insisting on the NET/SLET) cannot, at any stretch of imagination, be held to be illegal, arbitrary or whimsical. The decision is rational and based on public interest and also national policy to upgrade the standard of education in the country.”

    The writ appeals were filed after a single judge dismissed the petitions against the central policy on April 22.

    The petitioners had sought to restrain the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Teachers’ Recruitment Board (TRB) from insisting on NET/SLET qualification for candidates who have passed MPhil prior to 1993 for appointment as assistant professors in Tamil Nadu Collegiate Educational Service. Noting that the UGC’s regulations notified in July 2009 did not exempt candidates who had obtained their MPhil degrees prior to December 31, 1993, the petitioners also wanted the regulations to be quashed.

    Opposing the petitions, additional solicitor general of South India M Ravindran and senior central government standing counsel P Chandrasekaran, representing the Centre, submitted that there were more than 12,000 NET-qualified candidates waiting for employment. If the requests of the petitioners are accepted, it would mean compromising on quality of education and teaching standard in colleges.

    P Wilson, additional advocate-general of Tamil Nadu, representing the TRB, said that if the state did not follow the UGC regulations the Centre would not extend grants. Referring to the UGC’s recent decision to exempt the candidates who obtained an MPhil degree on or before July 10, 2009 from clearing NET, he said such attempts have not been approved by the Centre. The HRD ministry too had earlier submitted that the UGC’s decision is clearly incongruous and hence not acceptable.

    Concurring with the submissions, the judges said the HRD ministry formed an experts’ committee as it felt the need to upgrade the standard of teaching. After the Prof Mungerkar committee submitted its report, the government asked the UGC to frame guidelines. “But, the UGC, without considering the object and purpose of raising the standard of education, and without considering the global scenario, tried to give certain relaxation to the candidates for appearing in NET/SLET examination. In our opinion, the Central government has rightly refused to approve the decision of the UGC.”

    The UGC had last year notified its new regulations on minimum qualifications for teaching faculty as per which a pass in the NET was mandatory for appointment as assistant professors. This regulation had invited strong protests from a cross-section of the academic community and also led to multiple litigations in various high courts.

  11. This is really Nice and Intelligent decision taken by UGC to exempt M.Phil holders from NET/SET.In India many universities are good and recognized with best quality and performance and they are not sailing any academic degree.Those have passed NET/SET they have also passed P.G.from same universities Then how come they blame M.Phil/Ph.D holders?Hence stop jealous on research oriented society of our country and improve our qualification in research.

  12. PhD and Net are absolutely two divergent extremes and once a research scholar starts his/her research its difficult to crack NET at the same time. PhD involves a through hard work with complete devotion and absolute concentration. In such a scenario its difficult to prepare anything else at the same time. There are many students who are pursuing PhD just after their Masters. I registered for my PhD in 2008 just after my Masters. I think UGC should exempt also candidates who have started their Research works with the conditions that they also can apply for full time lecturer/ assistant Professor’s post when they will be awarded with their Doctoral Degree.

  13. This decision is very helpful to M.phil holder persons…. do the same GR for All University’s and make happy to all Mphill. holder’s…. thanks

  14. The decision is very good. But how to get the G.R and circular at an earliest so that before the norm is again change someone can get employed. Is there ink to get the circular over net. Kindly inform. HRD ministry opposed the decision of UGC in the court (on 10.Nov.2010). The court adjourned to Nov 22. Do anyone know the decision? plz inform me. the all india M.Phil. candidate plz made a unity.


  16. I really am exhilarated about this move from UGC I would like to thank the Commission for the same. I have been waiting for the last five years to get a permanent placement in a local college where I am working as an honorary staff. I feel that this move from UGC will indeed help me fulfill my dreams.

  17. This is good decision i appreciate it .but i want to know is this for all those who completed mphil degree from Directorate of distance education or regular

    once again thanks and congratulations


  18. U G C is requested to clarify the status and issue the necessary notification at the earliest so that the M. holders as well as the recruiting institutions may have clear directions . Enough loss has already been caused due to uncertainty and frequently issued inconsistent circulars.

  19. This is worst decision taken by UGC. The higher education in India is detoriated day by day and this decision has added more on this

  20. Thanks UGC. This decsion has saved my 10 years of teaching and has give value to my qualification of M.Phil. in acadmics and motivated to work as university faculty… am very sure this is equally true for every person like me.