UGC extends ‘One Time Catch Up Grant’ scheme for colleges in 12th Plan

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has extended ‘One Time Catch Up Grant’ scheme for colleges that have not been setup under a
Central Act, to the 12th Five Year Plan. However, the financial support for infrastructural
development has been slashed from Rs two crore to Rs one crore for the
beneficiary institution.

The scheme is extremely beneficial for colleges which do not
get development grants from the UGC as they do not meet the minimum eligibility
norms in terms of physical facilities and infrastructure. The main aim of this
scheme is to strengthen such colleges and enable them to fulfill the 12B
criteria for regular UGC assistance.

Presently,  there are
nearly 8,800 colleges, mainly undergraduate ones, affiliated to state
universities which are technically under the purview of the UGC, but do not get
development grants from the UGC. This scheme has benefitted many such ‘uncovered’ colleges in
11th Plan.

UGC is inviting colleges to apply for the grant for the 12th
Plan. UGC’s Deputy Secretary Shakuntla Kashyap in this regard has sent the UGC
letter to 24 universities of the country.

The UGC has asked the varsities to inform Government
Colleges and Government aided private colleges established by a trust or a
society and included in section 2(f) of the UGC Act, but has not thus far
received UGC development grants under section 12B about the scheme.

The universities have also been asked to forward the
applications of the colleges to the UGC for their consideration.

[Source: Times of India]

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