UGC regulations for deemed universities a retrograde step: VIT Chancellor

The founder-chancellor of VIT University G. Vishwanathan has termed the ‘UGC Regulations for Deemed Universities 2010′ as a retrograde step. Blaming the regulations as interfering Vishwanathan is of the view that such norms will take away the autonomy and freedom of private university administration.

He has also written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in response to the MHRD’s recent announcements.

“There is a need for expanding both the public and private education system. Since the government is unable to spend money, it is unable to expand the state education system. In the same breath, it is disallowing expansion of private universities. Given the acute shortage of seats in the country, there will be enough elbow room for all students only if there is expansion of the higher education sector.”

Vishwanathan has expressed displeasure over government’s decision to prohibit the managing trustee or any other trustee of the trust which runs the University from holding the positions of Chancellor as well as the Chairman of the Board of Management (BoM).

“The focus ought to be on how sound the governance is, the quality of education and the outcomes of the institution rather than on disallowing trustees to take part in governance without regard to their capability, dedication and honesty,” he added.

On the proposal to fix the fees to be collected by deemed universities, Mr. Viswanathan said that while the government did not fix the fees to be charged by private hospitals for various essential services rendered to the public, it would be unfair to fix the fees for deemed universities.

Referring to the Tandon Committee report on deemed universities, he said it had “tarnished the good reputation of most of the deemed universities” and prevented the “creation of many new private deemed universities.” It also replaced a report that a UGC Committee comprising leading academicians had put together.

[Source: The Hindu]

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