Yale University and Ashoka University Expand Their Collaboration

Yale University and
Ashoka University announced an expansion of their ongoing collaboration  today. During his visit to India this week,
Yale University President Peter Salovey signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
with Ashoka University Vice Chancellor Rudrangshu Mukherjee that reaffirms the
long-standing collaboration between Yale and Ashoka and establishes a framework
to jointly develop opportunities through faculty-initiated and faculty-directed
teaching and research activities.

Yale University is among the world’s pre-eminent educational
and cultural institutions and an innovator in liberal arts education; Ashoka
University is rapidly emerging as India’s premier international-caliber
university focused on multidisciplinary liberal education, which transcends the
boundaries between the arts and sciences.

The announcement acknowledges a relationship between the
universities built over the past five years grounded in research, teaching, and
mentorship. During this time, Yale and Ashoka faculty, administrators, and
alumni have engaged in a wide range of initiatives where Yale has contributed
to advising and shaping Ashoka’s curriculum and infrastructure in admissions,
development, student affairs and faculty affairs.

As part of the framework, an existing Yale-Ashoka faculty
committee will work to strengthen this relationship and explore opportunities
for visiting faculty, visiting students, and joint research and publications.
Yale and Ashoka will also explore innovative opportunities for student
experiences in India and develop new models for research and teaching on the
liberal arts and sciences within India.

Commenting on the event, President Peter Salovey of Yale
University said, “I applaud Ashoka’s founders and its new administration and
faculty for the courage they have shown in seeking not just to launch a new
college, but to rethink and reimagine the possibilities for higher education in
India, in collaboration with Yale and others around the world who are trying to
do the same thing with respect to their own institutions, however
well-established or respected.”

Ashoka Vice Chancellor Rudrangshu Mukherjee added, “Ashoka
University is delighted that Yale University has agreed to be a partner. We
look forward to working together and to being enriched by the long years of
experience that Yale brings in the field of research and teaching in the
liberal arts.”

The Yale linkages to Ashoka have been a vital element of
Yale’s engagement with India through its Yale India Initiative, the Yale South
Asian Studies Council, and other research and teaching activities. Ashoka
faculty and students have often welcomed Yale faculty as visiting lecturers and
guest speakers, and Yale and Ashoka have collaborated on joint conferences and
programmes. Yale administrators have also met with Ashoka leadership during
their visits to New Haven to advise on best practices in a range of areas of
academic administration.

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